Why You Should be Using Video in the Classroom

One of the biggest mistakes a teacher can make is not using video in the classroom. Videos provide a myriad of opportunities that can only be provided by using images.

Videos can:

  •  Demonstrate a tough to visualize concept – famine experienced around the world, the effects of natural disasters, trigonometry
  •  Show an experiment that cannot be done in class – rocket launches, flame throwers
  •  Take students on a virtual field trip – undersea adventures, trips to outer space, tour a museum
  • Bring cultures from around the world to life – language, music, clothing
teacher in costume 300x200 Why You Should be Using Video in the Classroom

Instead of dressing up to teach students about a culture, why not try showing them a video?

Complementing traditional instruction with videos and images can lead to higher retention rates. Studies show that human brains can process images thousands of times faster than text and that our minds remember concepts built on images longer and faster than those built on text alone.

Teachers can save time selecting videos for the classroom with MediaCAST. The easily searchable directory allows users to search based on keywords, state standards, category and much more. With videos created for education, teachers can be assured the content will match the lesson they are teaching.

Everyone has their areas of strength and their areas of weakness, teachers are no exception. While one teacher may excel at teaching European history, she may not be as strong when it comes to biology. Another teacher may shine at biology but weak with literature.

Videos allow instructors to shine even when teaching concepts they are not as familiar with. A well timed video can even the teaching field and allow all students to receive a high class education on every subject, regardless of the background of their teacher. With the newest version of MediaCAST, V11, teachers can even create their own videos on a subject and share them with all the teachers in their district.

Video helps students learn and retain concepts faster, provides a way to visualize a lesson and show hard to understand concepts and can allow students to experience a time, place or culture that would otherwise be impossible to show in class. With all the opportunities video presents in the classroom, it is a tool every teacher can and should use.

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  1. Charles says:

    This is a nice reminder of an oldie, but a goodie in terms of instructional classroom tools. In my own educational experience, from elementary school all the way through college, I always found video to be a fun and educational experience, which always reinforces the lessons in class when done properly.

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