Adding Captions to Videos Benefits all Students

CaptionedTV 1024x756 Adding Captions to Videos Benefits all StudentsFor many hard of hearing students, video day can be a dreaded event. They struggle to hear what is being said and have to rely on the images to tell them what is going on. However, there is a solution – adding captions.

Adding captions to videos shown in class enables hard of hearing students to follow along with the video and benefit from the full meaning of the video.

However, these little used secret weapons can benefit all students in a class, not just those that are hard of hearing.  Research has found that adding captions (or subtitles) to videos improves students’ reading and literacy skills, helps students connect the written word to the spoken word, increases comprehension, aides in vocabulary acquisition and helps students connect terminology with images.

With the MediaCAST captioning tool, users can easily add captions to any video in their digital library. Once captions have been added to a video, they are available to all MediaCAST users and can easily be turned on and off.

There are many ways to use captions in your videos. They can be added to all the videos currently in your digital library or you can create new videos designed especially for use with captions. This idea can be handy when teaching subjects that discourage speaking. For example, when teaching sign language, captions offer a way to teach students without having to speak. Simply record yourself teaching a sign language lesson or performing multiple signs. Then, add captions to the video showing what each sign means. An added benefit of this approach is that student will be able to reference the video whenever they have a question about a particular sign.

Check out this customer profile on the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind for more ideas on how MediaCAST can be used to help hard of hearing students.

Have you tried using captions in class? What results have you seen?

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