This One Goes to 11

MediaCAST Version 11 is here! The newest version of MediaCAST was designed with the user-experience and navigational efficiency in mind.

Thumbnails of media resources can now be found on the homepage. Along with the thumbnail image, the title, average user rating and your rating all appear on the homepage. Hovering over the resource image will bring even more information in the form of a pop-up description, category, author, publisher, duration and keyword information.

Additional filters in V11 allow you to find the perfect media resource even when you’re not sure what you are looking for. Searchable categories include media type, copyright date and author, along with many other great options.

Everything look better when it is customized. That’s why MediaCAST V11 includes a customization feature where administrators can change the interface’s color scheme to match your organization’s colors. Additionally, you can add a title and logo for further personalization.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is the cloud integration featured in V11.

Cloud technology provides the backbone for the new cloud hosted implementation called MediaCAST Cloud Edition. Through Cloud Edition, your digital library can now be hosted in the cloud, allowing your organization to have a backup in case your local network goes down for any reason. Through cloud integration, all V11 customers can share content through a new feature called MediaCAST Media Exchange. Did your class create a great video on how volcanoes work? Or maybe you have a video you use to teach multiplication in a flipped learning classroom? Now teachers can share videos and other media with teachers in districts across the US. The Could Edition also allows MediaCAST V11 users access to thousands of free ebooks and media titles.

V11 highereducation 300x210 This One Goes to 11

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  1. Elusa says:

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  2. Coralina says:

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  3. uksuperiorpapers says:

    I think it is the parents and teachers who must make education relevant to students. Technology must become nothing more than a tool. Where alll can have access to hardware and applications if needed.Notebooks, iPads, and laptop computers — paid for with the help of state dollars — are becoming an increasingly common sight in classrooms.

    • MediaCAST says:

      Thanks for your comment uksuperiorpapers. We here at MediaCAST believe that technology can be a great asset for education. As such, we strive to provide the tools teachers need in order to use the technology they have available more effectively. Every student learns differently and for some, reaching them where they are comfortable – on technology – allows them to understand concepts more quickly and easily. Through the use of video, audio and pictures, teachers are able to more clearly explain concepts that may be difficult to explain through text alone and are able to transport students to a place or time period that would otherwise be inaccessible.

  4. Cacilda says:

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