The Powerful Effect of Streaming Video

GirlsSharingComputer The Powerful Effect of Streaming VideoEducators are constantly looking for ways to improve student achievement. But are they overlooking a simple solution that has proven to have dramatic effects?

A report in the February 2003 edition of THE Journal found that the achievement of students who received instruction that incorporated video-on-demand streaming increased dramatically. Students in the study who had access to streaming videos showed an average increase of 12.6 percent compared to those who did not have access to the videos.

While video is often used in classrooms, how often is it available on-demand? On-demand, streaming video is accessible by teachers and students anytime they need it, whether from school or home.

Teachers are able to create engaging lessons plans that incorporate video as they think of them. They don’t have to wait until they return to school the next day before they can find a video to use in their lesson.

And students are able to review the videos shown in class as needed. While working on homework or studying for a test, the information is available to them whenever they need a refresher.

Schools that already have MediaCAST are one step ahead of those that don’t. MediaCAST enables schools to create a digital library of all their resources that teachers and students can access on-demand. The Snag-a-Segment tool even lets teachers create shorter segments from longer videos.

Using a PowerPoint presentation and don’t want to switch back and forth in order to watch a video? No problem, with the URL Builder, teachers can embed links to their desired video directly into their presentation.

Next time you are creating a lesson, be sure to incorporate an on-demand streaming video into it to dramatically increase your students’ achievement. How far could you go if your students understanding of each lesson increased as much as the students in the study?

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