The Many Benefits of Captured Lectures

StudentWithLaptopAndCar reduced The Many Benefits of Captured Lectures

Providing students access to captured lectures allows them to catch up and study, no matter where they are.

Students are constantly striving to capture the content covered in class. Some use pen and paper while others use an audio recorder. However, there will always be times when neither of these options are enough. For those times, teachers can provide a hand and capture their lectures on video. These captured lectures can then be shared with students for review as needed. And believe me, students will thank you for it.

Providing students access to captured lectures outside of class provides many benefits including boosting class attendance and increasing student retention of content. And now, with MediaCAST, creating Lecture Captures has never been easier. Read on to find out a few of the useful ways to use captured lectures.

Study Aide – students can refer to the captured lectures while studying

No matter how diligently a student takes notes, some things are better explained by a person. To this end, creating lecture captures and posting them for students to review throughout the semester allows students to reference your teachings whenever they need a refresher. Additionally, captured lectures allow students to review material at the pace that suits them. If a student is struggling with a lesson, she can review only the part she needs help with as many times as needed, pausing as she goes to digest information.

Absent Students – allow student to catch up before the next class session

Students miss class for various reasons including illness, athletic events and academic commitments for other classes. Instead of punishing them for missing class by requiring them to “figure it out on their own,” creating captured lectures on a routine basis allows students to catch up without imposing on the good graces of their teacher. By allowing students access to recorded lectures, they can catch up before the next class period, ensuring they don’t fall further behind. Set the expectation early that all students who miss class are expected to review the day’s lecture before coming to the next class, and your students will rise to meet it.

Flipped classroom –create new lectures or record current lectures to use next semester

We’ve all heard about the flipped classroom method where students watch videos of the lesson the night before and perform activities in class the next day. What better way to create your cache of videos than to start recording your lectures this year? When creating captured lectures to use in a flipped classroom, keep in mind that videos students watch at home should not be longer than 10-15 minutes if you want students to actually watch them every night. Alternatively, Lecture Capture can be used to create all new video lectures that are not presented to a class first.

Online and Distance Learners – provide the same experience in-person students receive

Do you often have more people interested in a class than space will allow? Create a new section of the class using lecture capture. Record the lectures given in-person and post them in the online version of the course for students to watch. In this manner, online students are able to receive comparable instruction to that received by in-person students and they don’t have to wait an extra semester to take in-demand classes.

What other uses can you see for creating and distributing captured lectures?

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