The Importance of Mobile Learning Content Management

GroupOfStudentsWithTablets reduced The Importance of Mobile Learning Content ManagementUsing mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets, laptops and smartphones in school is becoming increasingly popular. And with good reason – adding mobile devices to your classroom is a great way to encourage students to take control of their learning. With these devices in their hands, they are now empowered to look up information that interests them or furthers their understanding of a topic. However, it is also important to ensure students have access to the resources that will give them the basic knowledge they need in order to develop an interest. Thus, the importance of mobile learning content management.

Once digital tools are available, paper handouts will seem passé, especially because students tend to lose or misplace important papers. Instead, use digital handouts to ensure students always have the information they need on hand.

Students are much more likely to bring their mobile device with them wherever they go than they are to bring their textbook or homework. With digital resources, students do not have to distinguish between the two. Instead, they can bring their school work with them wherever they go and effectively use downtime throughout the day.

However, distributing the necessary content to student devices can be a tedious task without the proper tools. Most mobile devices are not designed to be part of a network, and thus lack the ability to easily communicate directly with other devices. At this point, choices are limited, you can either sync each device individually – a time consuming task that is not ideal for BYOD programs – or email resources to students – only a good idea if all students have a school provided email address.

Neither of these options is ideal and requires some major sacrifices. The first option requires a lot of time, the second does not allow students to access the resources without internet access and neither option allows teachers to automatically retrieve the resources at the end of the school year or class period – a critical ability when it comes to items with limited licenses such as etextbooks or video resources.

For an option that accomplishes all this and more, try the MediaCAST Mobile Learning Content Manager for iPad and Android. The Mobile Learning Content Manager allows teachers to distribute content to groups of student devices at once and set automatic expiration dates to ensure the resource is returned once students no longer need it. It also ensures students are able to access the content anytime, anywhere, even without internet access.

Ensure your mobile learning program is a success by considering the importance of mobile learning content management.

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