Play Flash Videos on iOS Devices (and Other Mobile Devices too)

PhoneBeatsLaptop Play Flash Videos on iOS Devices (and Other Mobile Devices too)It has become a universal truth in recent years that Flash videos will not work on iOS devices – iPods, iPhones and iPads. And more recently, there has been a trend of dropping support for Flash on Android devices as well. But what about all the videos you currently have in Flash format? Are they now useless? Or is there a way to make these videos compatible with your mobile devices?

With transcoding, there is a way!

Transcoding takes any file size and converts it to the streamable H.264 file format. Expand the use of your digital resources, alleviate incompatibility issues and maximize your device storage by transcoding your existing files to H.264.

H.264 files are typically smaller than the pre-transcoded file. This reduced file size ensures your mobile device will be able to hold more digital resources in a smaller amount of space than would otherwise be possible – making transcoding a great option for many files types, not just Flash.

Additionally, converting all of your current video files to H.264 simplifies digital content management. No longer do you have to worry about which files are formatted for streaming or which will work on your mobile devices. With H.264, you can rest assured knowing all your files are not only compatible with your mobile devices, they are also in an ideal streaming format.

Never let an outdated file format get in your way again, transcode your video files to H.264 today.

As mobile devices become more and more popular for student use, both in and out of the classroom, it becomes ever more important to ensure your digital resources are compatible with these devices. Create digital versions of physical resources is not always enough. Take a moment to ensure your files are in a mobile friendly, streamable format. Your students will thank you for it.

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