Not At All Like “Taking a Drink From a Fire Hydrant”

LotsOImages reduced 1024x491 Not At All Like Taking a Drink From a Fire HydrantIt has been said that “getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant,” (by Mitchell Kapor to be exact). With the internet approaching 1 trillion pages, that statement has never been truer. Every day, every minute, more information is added to the internet, with no sign of slowing down. With all this information at our fingertips, where is one to start a search for information?

With MediaCAST, your teachers and students never have to ask that question again. All of their school-related materials can easily be found in one place. MediaCAST is an open and interoperable digital content management and video streaming solution that allows you to access your digital library from any device with internet connectivity.

v11 screenshot Not At All Like Taking a Drink From a Fire HydrantThis means that instead of turning to YouTube to find a video to accompany a lesson, teachers can now search the school’s entire database of digital videos in one place. Schools that subscribe to content from multiple content providers such as Learn360 and CCC! can now easily search both databases from one place.  Additionally, any digital resources created by teachers can be uploaded to the MediaCAST system and shared throughout the district, ensuring everyone has access to the best resources available.

With state standards (and Common Core) integration built-in, teachers can even be assured the resource they find is applicable to the standard they are teaching – an important resource with all the changes stirred up by the Common Core State Standards.  Additionally, grade level and content filters ensure teachers are able to find material appropriate for their students and courses.

Never worry about what your teachers and students may find through random internet searches for information again. Instead, ensure they are finding only the best content available by providing them with a place to turn when in need of videos, images and more.

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