MediaCAST Cloud Edition

cloudWimages 1024x648 MediaCAST Cloud EditionDid you know MediaCAST now offers a cloud version of our digital content management and video streaming platform? MediaCAST Cloud Edition allows schools to save money by removing the cost of large hardware. Instead, Cloud Edition utilizes streaming bandwidth from our high-performance hosting facilities.

By removing the hardware from your location, MediaCAST Cloud Edition removes the need to support extra servers, making it a stress-free solution to stream media files to your entire organization.

Additionally, the subscription-based service means that MediaCAST Cloud Edition can grow along with your organization or streaming needs. And if your needs ever grow beyond what is cost-effective for Cloud hosting, your virtual instance can easily be migrated to a locally installed version.

The MediaCAST Cloud Edition is perfect for small to medium sized organizations lacking the budget for a large hardware investment but that still want all the benefits of a traditional MediaCAST digital content and video streaming platform.

The Cloud Edition provides a reliable option for schools with limited bandwidth. Through the Cloud Edition, your digital library can be accessed through our servers – saving your bandwidth for other needs around the school.

The MediaCAST Cloud Edition works seamlessly with MediaCAST’s suite of add-on modules including digital signage, CMS/LMS integration, digital IPTV, lecture capture and more.

Mobile Learning Package

For those looking to include Mobile Device Content Management with their cloud edition of MediaCAST, the Mobile Learning Package provides a way to do so. Specially designed to provide schools an easy way to centralize management and distribution of videos, images, PowerPoints, audio files, PDFs, digital textbooks, eBooks and more to your staff and student’s mobile devices, the Mobile Learning Package combines MediaCAST Cloud Edition with the Mobile Learning Content Manager. (Currently compatible with iPads, Android compatibility coming soon.)

With the Mobile Learning Content Manager, instructors can intuitively assign media titles to a single mobile device or multiple groups at once. Once assigned to a student device, resources can be downloaded from the cloud onto the device. Students can then view resources from their device wherever they are – no internet connection required. Once a resource’s expiration date is met, the resource is automatically removed from the device and the license is returned to the cloud server.

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