Madison City Middle Schoolers Host Live Talk Show

newscaster Madison City Middle Schoolers Host Live Talk ShowStudents at Discovery Middle School in Madison City Schools recently learned what it is like to host a live talk show. Using MediaCAST, a team of eight students hosted a live talk show where they answered questions submitted by other students via Twitter.

Before the show, students sent in questions about bullying, favorite songs and sports team. The hosts of the show then answered the questions during a live broadcast to the school.

While the students involved already had a feeling of what it takes to create broadcasts – using MediaCAST, they create morning announcements three times a week as well as a bi-weekly TV show, “The Panther Report” – the live show gave them a taste of the responsibility and maturity it takes to create a live show. As teacher Caroline Miller states, “Anything can happen during a live broadcast.”

After the success of their first live show, students are already hoping to host another live show.

Student Turner Dauma explains, “We were brainstorming…and came up with the idea. We did this to test out and inform the students about MediaCAST and to connect to the students in a way that was relevant and entertaining.”

Fellow broadcasting students believe the show fulfilled its intended purposes and that more students will enroll in broadcasting next year. As student Antonio Muratori explained, “More students realize that broadcasting is something that they would like to do now more than ever.”

Read the article from Madison County Record.

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