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monet Google Art Project

Le Bassin des Nympheas by Claude Monet

Have you heard about the Google Art Project? Google paired with 151 museums in 40 countries to bring artwork and museum galleries straight to your computer screen. Using their street view technology, the Google Art Project even allows users to take virtual tours of museums, walking through them as if they were there.

The uses for the Google Art Project in the classroom are endless. Can’t take a field trip to a local museum this year due to budget cuts or a rural location? Take a virtual tour through a world famous museum instead. Studying  impressionism? Take a look at Van Gogh’s collection of work. Teaching a lesson on the president? Take your class on a tour of the White House.

Additionally, you can even save your favorites into personal collections, making Google Art Project perfect for art history classes. A small selection of the paintings have even been captured in super high-resolution, allowing you to zoom in and study background details or brush strokes.

Check out the Google Art Project here and discover the possibilities for yourself.

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