Don’t Let Low Bandwidth Slow you Down

Does your school have enough bandwidth to accommodate an influx of devices trying to access the network at the same time? What about basic digital learning needs? Chances are it currently does not. (But if you want to know for sure, take the School Speed Test to find out.)While 99 percent of schools have access to internet, 80 percent of schools don’t have enough bandwidth to support digital learning1.

For schools looking to stream video, this can be a major problem – low bandwidth can cause video playback delays and frequent buffering. These delays can lead to teachers and students becoming frustrated with digital resources. Once this happens, a large opportunity for learning has been lost – 65 percent of teachers say digital resources help them demonstrate things they can’t show in any other way and 74 percent of teachers say digital resources reinforce and expand content while motivating students to learn2.

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem: MediaCAST Express.

With MediaCAST Express, you never have to use your school’s bandwidth for video streaming, freeing it up for other uses around campus. Additionally, all digital resources stored within MediaCAST can be accessed without using your school’s bandwidth.

Instead of streaming digital content over the school’s bandwidth, MediaCAST Express runs through the Inventive Technology hosting facilities, enabling users to stream over our bandwidth instead of yours. With this simple change, students and teachers will once again embrace digital resources and all the benefits they provide.

With 73 percent of teachers saying digital media is essential to a 21st century classroom and 66 percent saying students prefer digital media over other types of instruction3, it is important to ensure nothing hinders a teacher’s ability to use these valuable resources in class – especially not bandwidth limitations.

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