Distribute Content to Student Devices

HardAtWorkOnTablet reduced Distribute Content to Student DevicesIs your school looking to add mobile devices to classrooms next year? Or perhaps you have already started adding them and are looking for ways to improve the program before next school year. Do you currently have a way to easily distribute content (and retrieve it) from student devices?

Whether your school is distributing iPads or Android tablets to all students or using a BYOD strategy, having a way to distribute content to student-used devices is a critical element of a successful mobile learning program.

Most tablets, and especially iPads, are not designed to be used on a network. This makes it difficult to distribute content to multiple devices at once. Teachers often have to resort to syncing content to one device at a time – a process that can easily eat up an entire class period. This tedious process can often lead to teachers abandoning the devices altogether or never fully embracing their potential.

With the MediaCAST Mobile Learning Content Manager for iPad and Android tablets, there is a solution.

The Mobile Learning Content Manager allows teachers to select a group of devices to send content to at once. No longer will teachers have to spend valuable time syncing content to each device individually. And best of all, MediaCAST Mobile Content Manager allows you to set expiration dates so that content is automatically returned to your digital library and available for the next group of students to use.

Once a resource is loaded onto a student’s device, the student will be able to access the resource wherever they go – even without internet access. This allows students to maximize the downtime they have throughout the day, such as the bus ride home or waiting at the doctor’s office.

Get the most out of your mobile learning investment and save teachers time and energy with the Mobile Learning Content Manager from MediaCAST.

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