Book Trailers and QR Codes

Looking for a way to increase readership of books in your school library? Consider teaming up with English classes to add book trailers to your books with QR codes.

Book trailers are like movie trailers, but for books. They use video to depict the plot of the book and entice others to read the book. Watch the video below for an example of a Book Trailer for The Hunger Games.

A fun alternative to traditional book reports, book trailers can be used to show students’ understanding of a book as well as encourage other students to read the book on their own.

Adding movie trailers to books in the school library is as simple as having teachers assign them to their classes.

Have students choose a book to read. You will get a wider variety of book trailers if you let students choose their own books rather than assigning a single book to the whole class. (Students can either choose any book of their liking or from a selection provided by the teacher.)

Instead of having students write a traditional report or essay on the book, have them create a book trailer. After the videos have been finalized and approved, load them to the MediaCAST platform and create unique URLs that allow them to be accessed without logging in to the system.

Then, have students use this URL to generate a QR code that can be pasted onto the back cover of a book. (Free QR code generators can be found online.) Add a special marking to the spines of books containing book trailers so that students will know to look for them.

Finally, encourage other students to access the trailers by scanning the QR code from their smart phone or tablet. You’ll be amazed to see how much interest in the books with trailers increases. Students love to show off what they’ve done and now they’ll have a chance to show the whole school.

Interested in trying out a QR code? Scan the one below.

 Book Trailers and QR Codes

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4 Responses to Book Trailers and QR Codes

  1. Conrad Allen says:

    I love the idea of book trailers. This might be the only useful way to include QR codes in 21st century learning. Every other way seems gimmicky, using technology only to say you’ve used it. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Tiffany Ayne says:

    What a fantastic idea! In a high school setting, the project could turn into a collaboration between an English class with the students who read the book and create the write up and a film or photography class who could film, edit and upload the video! Most high school students have their own cell phone to scan the QR modes anyways. Could the school libraries own an IPod or tablet to allow visiting students to view the QR code videos?

  3. ellen beck says:

    That is pretty nifty.. and as Tiffany suggested above, I could see some collaboration between classes happening to use this . I think too, that there would have to be ‘loaner’ devices available for those who can’t access the QR system. I know the kids (most) have it, but perhaps the school might not. It does look fun though and a way for kids to show off some skills and see how much of the book they did read.

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