9 Things to Broadcast Using SportsCAST

sportscast2 9 Things to Broadcast Using SportsCASTThere are many special events that happen around a school campus every year, but many people may not have a chance to participate for various reasons. Whether due to distance or schedule conflicts, many family members and friends are often unable to attend a student’s big events. With SportsCAST, you are able to create live broadcasts of any event on or around campus for family and friends to view from anywhere they may be.

SportsCAST allows schools to wirelessly broadcast live events over the internet. This means that grandparents unable to travel can now watch their grandchild graduate and distance learning students can experience on-campus events.

You may not think your school has many events that would be suitable for broadcasting, but once you start thinking about ways to use this great tool, you will find more reasons that you ever thought possible.

Here are some of our top ideas of events to broadcast throughout the school year:

  1. Athletic Events – Students from both your school and the opposing team’s school will appreciate the ability to watch their favorite athletic events when they are unable to make it to campus to watch the game in person.
  2. Graduation – Everyone wants to be there for their student’s big day – whether graduating from high school, middle school or kindergarten – however, for out of state family, making the trip may not be possible.
  3. Student Council Speeches – Allow students to give their speeches in private and broadcast them to the entire school. This prevents the logistical nightmare of getting all students to a single place at the same time and allows students to only watch the speeches that are directly relevant to them.
  4. Band, Orchestra, Choral and Dance Concerts – Students are proud of the work they have put in to learn the music and dance moves required for the performance. Ensure the most amount of people see the results of their work by broadcasting concerts.
  5. Plays – A lot of work goes into the production of school plays, and often the showings sell out. Allow students, friends, family and community members who may not otherwise be able to attend due to space limitations to watch the production.
  6. Award Ceremonies – Students work hard throughout the year. Ensure their achievements are noticed by allowing family members to watch from home.
  7. Student Presentations – These often happen during the school day when parents are working. Broadcasting the presentations allows parents to tune in for a few minutes from work in order to watch their child.
  8. Special Events and Speakers – There may not be enough space available for everyone who wants to see a special event hosted on campus. Ensure everyone who wants is able to benefit from the experience by broadcasting special events and speakers for all to see.
  9. Journalism Class – Allow students to practice their skills at live, in-the-field reporting by sending them out with a SportsCAST to broadcast a story for their class or the rest of the school to watch.

**Note: For events that your school typically charges an admission fee for, a pay-per-view setup can be enabled for SportsCAST broadcasts. **

What events would you like to see your school create live broadcasts of?

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