6 Ways MediaCAST Can Help Schools Cut Costs

SavingsAhead 554x1024 6 Ways MediaCAST Can Help Schools Cut CostsNew technology additions are often looked at as an expense. However, with a little perspective, it easy to see that upgrading an out-dated system can actually help cut costs and end up costing less than the old system, resulting in a substantial savings for your school or district.

1.  Digital IPTV Over Your IP Network

Many organizations are concerned about the analog to digital switch and controlling costs associated with distributing digital TV throughout their organization. With MediaCAST Digital IPTV, you can easily increase channel control while minimizing licensing costs and expensive hardware replacement.

2.  Digitize all DVDs, VHS tapes & CDs

With the ability to serve an entire district from a single digital content library, media specialists can digitize analog media resources and eliminate outdated delivery systems.  This saves teachers hours of prep time, with the digital library accessible 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, and eliminates costs associated with transporting physical resources from school to school.

3.  Optimize existing infrastructure investments

MediaCAST’s virtualized architecture allows districts to utilize previous storage investments and their existing backbone infrastructure to deliver rich media live and on-demand district-wide

4.  Integrate with Content Management and LDAP Systems

MediaCAST integrates with third party products, allowing districts to get the most out of their video on-demand system, while still benefiting from previous investments. Add-ons include the ability to add digital resources to your CMS courses and LDAP/Active Directory integration to make signing in a snap.

5.  Store Your Media in the Cloud

Schools without initial startup funds can take advantage of centralized digital content management and delivery with the MediaCAST Cloud option. Save money by avoiding costly hardware investments and breathe easy knowing your storage space can be upgraded at any time.

6.  Lecture Capture Without Room Hardware

MediaCAST Lecture Capture is designed to save you money by avoiding purchasing hardware for each room. Instead, MediaCAST Lecture Capture enables teachers to record lessons wherever they are.

These are just a few ways MediaCAST can help your school cut costs. Additionally, some MediaCAST products are E-Rate eligible under Priority 2, internal connections. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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