15 Ways to Use Images in Class

hummingbirdlesson polaroid 15 Ways to Use Images in ClassImages are an often underused resource in the classroom. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So why aren’t images used more often in school?

Often, it simply comes down to not knowing how to incorporate image into a lesson. For that, we are here to help with this handy list of 15 ways to use images in class.

  • Expand student’s vocabulary choice by having them describe an image without using any of the obvious word choices
  • Show students an image and have them write the story of what happened before or after the picture was taken
  • Give students a piece of a picture and have them complete the image as they see fit
  • Have students create picture sets, for example 4-5 images that depict nature, and then have other students guess what the set represents
  • Have students play detective by drawing conclusions based on what they see in the image
  • Bring history to life by showing pictures from that time
  • Have students add captions or thought bubbles to an image
  • Encourage deeper thinking by combing an image with a reading section and then asking questions based on the image
  • Demonstrate a tough to explain concept
  • Have students compare old artifacts with new ones, for example show an image of an old telephone and have students compare it to the ones they have now
  • Show students a picture rooted in fantasy and have them determine what could happen for real and what only exists in fantasy
  • Have student examine facts versus their opinion of what is seen in an image
  • Use images to encourage students to ask questions about a topic
  • Use an image to introduce a new subject
  • Have students draw a picture that demonstrates what they are learning in class

There are many more ways to use images in class. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

What is your favorite way to use images in class?

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